11 January 2006

Catching the early train

Around 2:30am on the morning my husband was to return to the US, we finally made it back to the apartment after a night of flamenco and dining. Chris packed his things, and I set the alarm for 6am. I was planning to climb out of bed in the morning, just long enough to get him to a taxi and to give the driver instructions to take him to the train station...

My husband, ChrisAt 6:30am, there were still a number of cheerful people out partying from the night before. On a normal day, there would be taxis everywhere, but this was the morning of a major bank holiday. There were no taxis at our usual taxi stand, and some helpful people nearby informed us that there would be none coming around anytime soon. Not to worry, I had the number to the Seville taxi service...I would just call for one.

After about the 23rd time calling the taxi service and not being able to get through, we started getting nervous that Chris might miss his 7:30am train. It was the only train that would get him to Madrid in time to catch his flight back to the US. I didn't know exactly how to get to the train station from there, and it was the only time during my entire trip that I had left the apartment without my map, but we were running out of time. So we started walking. At one point, I spotted a taxi and ran down the street after it, but I couldn't catch it before it sped away.

We happened to walk by a small hotel, where we noticed a couple of hotel staffers standing at the front desk. We banged on the front door until finally one man came to unlock it. I explained our situation and begged him to help us get a taxi. I must have looked pretty desperate in my pajamas and coat, looking like I had just rolled out of bed, and out of breath because I had been chasing taxis. With a smile, he went inside to make a phone call, and then waited outside with us until a taxi showed up, about 5 minutes later. I had never been so grateful, but he wouldn't accept a tip.

With a big sigh of relief, I kissed Chris goodbye and headed back to the apartment. I passed three available taxis on my way home.

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